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Saturday, September 6, 2014


Everyone has goals. 

Whether they're for school, work, home-life, or life in general.

For instance, my career goal is to be a pediatric oncologist, but my school goal is to not fail. My personal goal is to be able to live in a social environment without my twin sister/best friend being there for me. I love her, as much as she may think the opposite.

Anyways, I also have some goals for this blog.

1. To have a regular posting schedule 
2. To have more viewers/readers
3. To make a difference through this blog.
4. To make this more interactive with YOU!

Please comment below and put down some feedback. I want to hear from you guys about what I could be doing better, or what's fine with you. 

I just want to do something.

<3 E.

PS: Wow, you're so lucky! 2 posts in one day?!?! OMG!

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