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Saturday, September 6, 2014


Everyone has goals. 

Whether they're for school, work, home-life, or life in general.

For instance, my career goal is to be a pediatric oncologist, but my school goal is to not fail. My personal goal is to be able to live in a social environment without my twin sister/best friend being there for me. I love her, as much as she may think the opposite.

Anyways, I also have some goals for this blog.

1. To have a regular posting schedule 
2. To have more viewers/readers
3. To make a difference through this blog.
4. To make this more interactive with YOU!

Please comment below and put down some feedback. I want to hear from you guys about what I could be doing better, or what's fine with you. 

I just want to do something.

<3 E.

PS: Wow, you're so lucky! 2 posts in one day?!?! OMG!


I was just overlooking my blog, as sometimes I just check it to see the stats and what's going on... I notice the name of this blog: Cancer is Deadly. 

I made that username/blog name in the fourth or fifth grade. I just now realized that my name is something that can be totally perceived as something deep, or as something that is offensive and horrible.

What people might think it means, is that "oh. you're going to die from cancer."

How I meant for it to mean: I don't know what it was supposed to mean. What  I think I meant it was "Cancer is deadly, for the spirit."

But that was almost four years ago and what's done is done. I cannot go back and change that name, nor can I go back and retrieve the people who could've been hurt by this. 

I guess I had some explaining to do....

<3 E.