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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sandy Hook

It has been brought to my attention about the terrible Sandy Hook tragedy. For those who haven't heard, last week a man named Adam Lanza burst into the school and killed the principal. The trip was originally meant for Lanza to kill his mother, for unknown reasons, but turned into so much more. The US is very saddened by this news. Adam Lanza killed himself on the spot after killing his mother, a few other teachers, 20 children ages 5-7, and principal of Sandy Hook. I wish this didn't happen. Schools should really improve security or something. Why is the US so violent anyway? A moment of silence please........

And remember:
-Take time from every day to remember cancer angels, and now the Sandy Hook angels
-Live life to the fullest
-Never back down

I hope this helps, if you are grieving. Thanks for the support! 

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Love and God Bless you all,
People Who Care.... Anonymous.

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