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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ways to Prevent Cancer

Hey guys! I'm still mourning over Taylor Warren, even though I never knew her. Anyways, I thought I'd make a tribute to her with my blog post today.

Ways to Prevent Cancer:

Cancer awareness month is in MARCH!!! Save the date!

So anyway:   Ways To Prevent Cancer


1. Have a healthy lifestyle
2. Filter your tap water
3. Stop topping your gasoline tank
4. Marinate meat before grilling
5. Caffeinate every day
6. Load up on greens
7. Keep hydrated
8. Snack on Brazil Nuts
9. Wear sunscreen
10. Ask your doctor about breast density
11. Skip the dry cleaner
12. Don't sleep near your cell phone/ electronic
13. Eat clean foods
14. Read food labels, avoid folic acid
15. Eat whole grains
16. Up with your intake of calcium
17. Pay attention to pain



If you'd like to read more about this go to:

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