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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cancer Warriors, Angels, and Survivors

This is my list of the ones I know about:

Nina Freeden DIPG
Taylor Warren ALL
Ellie Rolfs Wilms Tumor
Ellie Bouchard Brain Tumor
Ellie Potvin Rhabdomyosarcoma
Dylan Witschen Brain Tumors
Dylan Hartung Neuroblastoma
Karrie Dodez Neuroblastoma
Daisy Merrick Wilms Tumor
Corinne Watters  Ewings Sarcoma
Victor Watters Ewings Sarcoma

and more................ (Those are the ones I know about. If you want me to add more on to my list contact me by commenting below)


  1. Comment like this:

    I know about another one. Her/His name is Jan Pederson and she had Ovarian Cancer.

    (Taken from Cancer Treatment Centers of America)

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  3. Thanks. I'd love for some feedback, and I'd be sure to check that out.